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We've linked a number of software providers here but keep in mind that brokers typically provide their own customers with customized versions of the software packages. There's generally no need to obtain retail Forex trading software directly from the developer as they're licensed to each broker.

Currenex - Official home of Currenex, a leading institutional software provider. Note: Currenex does not directly provide retail brokerage services, they offer a software package for brokers to connect with their own internal systems so each broker's Currenex implementation will vary.

MetaQuotes - Official home of MetaQuotes, the developers of MetaTrader (MT4 and MT5.) Note: MetaTrader software is provided to customers for free by each broker so traders don't generally need to download the software directly from MetaQuotes. Every broker's implementation of MetaTrader will vary due to their internal setups. You can generally download a broker-customized version of MetaTrader from your broker if they offer support for it at all. This is only the software developer's official site.

Other Forex Software

Other types of software that aim to solve various problems and needs of Forex traders.

AutoChartist - An automated software package that analyzes multiple currency pairs at any given time to identify technical analysis patterns and setups.

Trade Interceptor - A third party mobile trading platform alternative that supports a wide variety of brokers, initially launched before mobile versions of MetaTrader and other platforms were created.

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