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Social Trading Platforms

With the dominance of Twitter and Facebook in global culture, it's no surprise that social trading quickly became a Forex industry buzzword in the early 2010s. A number of platforms rose to the task of providing retail traders with ways to connect and trade together in various forms.

While the prospect of following along with the trades of top performers may seem appealing to beginners, it's worth considering the reliability of the service as well as the long term edge of the strategies that rise to the top of traditional profit metrics. Do your due diligence before blindly following any system or trader.

Darwinex - A UK-based social trading service that facilitates top performing traders with investor capital, offering their own FCA-regulated brokerage services (for non-American traders) as well as capabilities to connect their system to your existing broker's platform.

MyFXBook - One of the early social trading platforms initially founded as a way for retail traders to share their MetaTrader 4 (MT4) performance history with an extent of neutral third party auditing.

ZuluTrade - One of the oldest services allowing traders to copy other traders' accounts.

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